What is your greater pleasure? New Year Suggestions from Lauren

How do we not drag into the new year all the self destructive ways of the past year 2009.   Things we know bring a loss of self-esteem but still do anyway?   This was asked of me this morning and here is a sum up of suggestions that came to mind:

1)  Ask yourself :  What is your greatest pleasure?   How will you feel about yourself as you turn into 2011 with new way of being versus more of the same self-defeating actions?   Can you do it for just 24 hours and make a new choice if you don't like what you've chosen.  Just try this new way for 10 days.  Hopefully the whole year!

2)  Wear something like a bracelet or ring that will remind your mind of your new decision of self-loving action.

3)  Mark your hand and your fridge or your bathroom in someway with words that will remind you.

4)  If you don't like what someone says to you can you say to them :  Is that so?

5)  When someone asks you to do something and you don't want to  say "no thank you".   When they ask you "why?" say "Its personal".   You don't owe anyone explanations.    You can also turn it back on them and ask them " what is your intention in asking?".   Especially if you know they only want to know so they can  decide if your answer is good enough for their judgment.   "No thank you.  Its personal"  stick to this.

6)  Associate with people, books, events that uplift and note after doing or being with someone, do I feel better than before or worse?   Make a new decision in the future if you choose to get more Life-Juice to EnJoy.

7)  Throw away the substances that you abuse or activities you do that you know are self-defeating.   Yes, waste the product.   Don't give it away.   That will help in the new resolve.  Help you remember.

8)  You can do anything for 10 days.  anything for a day.  Anything for 1 minute.  Give your self this new self-loving action for a limited amount of time if you need that  and can't say the longer unit of time, ie, until 2011.

9)  Be present and give yourself healthy love, honesty, and examine your 'funky junk'.   Bare with it honestly and keep letting it go rather than take something or do something as an escape.  Be real.  Treat yourself like you are your own most precious sweet baby child and how you would treat that being.

10) Keep imagining how great you will feel if you stop doing what is making you the next day feel bad about yourself, and start living a life where you CHOOSE your freedom to live a life in a new way of real self-love, appreciating the life you have been given this time around!    Lets walk into 2010 and take responsibility for our own happiness and health!!  

Loving Blessings to you that read this!  AND.....if you choose ...

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