Its 10 10 10

How does time rush onward and the pumpkins are on display already?  Sorry about not blogging much.   I need to change that.   Well I'm in the Bay Area, and working on my next project: a Telemann  Canary Cantata which is a comedy-tragedy that has been fun to learn.   I think its important to never stop challenging myself to learn new pieces and dust off the gray matter.    This summer was highlighted by visits to the DC area my old stomping grounds visiting museums and friends, then to Sedona where I worked with Drunvalo Melchizedek in the all important heart-mind link.   Sedona is so beautiful.    I am also working throughout the year with Mayumi Mori in Japan.   We are in the 3rd month of the calender beginning on July 26, 2010 which we both follow based on the moon cycles.   (Like the moon based Hebrew calender that way)  First moon cycle was where the new unity consciousness becomes the main stream, the 2nd month we find ways for complementing wisdom between many pairs of people, and the 3rd month we are seeing the changes manifesting in our personal world.  Any comments if that is true in your world? could mean so many things.    Have a wonderful fall and let me know what experiences are coming your way. 

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