Ho'oponopono (Return to Balance)

This journal entry is about one of my CDs named Healing through Ho'oponopono, Divine Child Within which is a practice that comes from ancient Hawaiian wisdom teachings. 

The single format MP3 of the Heal with Ho'oponopono song by Lauren may


Telemann Canary Cantata 11-6-2010

We invite you to a fun filled evening at the MACC in Maui. Within a theatrical presentation, "Bach" and "Telemann" display a rivalry as to who is the better composer. My role is "Laurenella", a soprano, who is debuting Telemann's…


House Concert in Maui

Songbird Music invites you to an intimate gathering in lovely Maui on Sunday July 25th, beginning at 3 p.m.

A Musical Journey Across Time Zones & Time Periods

This event will happen in Makawao at the Banyan Tree House Meditation…


Medieval Concert

March 27, 2010 Medieval Music Concert at Makena Church, South Maui You are invited to come hear the rare and unique Monteverdi Duets performed by Lauren Pomerantz (soprano), Sarah Oppenheimer(soprano), and Beth Wills (piano). Sung in medieval Italian, the duets…


Jewels of Sephardim now available for purchase here

We are thrilled to say that the newly redesigned Jewels of the Sephardim, Songs from Medieval Spain is now available for preview and purchase on our site. You can hear samples from all the songs, and purchase any song as…


Ecstatic Communion CD New Version

I am also thrilled to release professionally for the first time Ecstatic Communion. It took alot of searching to find the right cover and we chose the visionary art work of Jean-Luc Bozolli This is one of my…


Kauai Music Festival

Do you know about the Kauai Music Festival for composers and songwriters? I just returned from this year’s conference and feel greatly inspired by some of the wonderful music industry professionals, musicians, singers and songwriters there. It was great to…


Magical Musical Encounter

In 1995, I was asked to perform the sephardic wedding songs from my CDs in a glorious outdoor estate in Maryland. It turned out to be one of my most memorable and enlivening musical 'jobs'. I entered a beautiful arbor…