Intuitive Astrological Birthprint Readings

As Sky Medicine Horse, I have been certified  full sensory perception as clairvoyant, clairaudio, and clairsentient and have worked in this field  for over 20 years.    I have also been doing astrology for over 30 years.    I combine the two for a reading I call your Astrological Birthprint where I can access your gifts, challenges, and purpose of what you are working with in this lifetime.   What you chose at birth.   I will also look at  current time and give insight into notable  planetary transits and your own progressed planets.    My introductory sale price is  $85 for each reading.  $125 is the regular price.    

My readings as Sky Medicine Horse in Pleiadian Lighwork is $125 per hour reading. This is a reading that is based on full sensory perception.   I connect with your guides and my own to bring insight and healing techniques to your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies and all your chakras.   I will be guided.