Intuitive Astrological Birthprint Readings


You are born with a unique thumbprint, footprint, and that's how I like to describe your astrology chart.   You have a unique astrology birthprint that I've learned to read for your benefit.  

My work in the field for the last 30 plus years is now offered to you.   I’m dedicated to each client in the way you’ve come to know me as a dedicated musician.  I personally do detailed research for several hours before our 1.5  hour consultation which I will do with pro zoom  technology.     

I will answer what was it that you chose to accomplish for this lifetime? 
What is your main evolutionary mission? What are your past inclinations?  What are the challenges you set up for yourself?  How you balance with others, work, and self I What are your best talents, skills, and gifts?   How do you self sabotage?  I look at your harmonics as a Divine Human Being?  

I focus on your natal chart, i.e., that which stays with you for a lifetime.   I also alert to some important current transits happening to you NOW.  

You can purchase this service here? or in my store page?   I will need your day, month, year, time and location of your birth and your email address.   I will generate the chart and send you a copy.  

   Introductory Price $150 ( $375 value)


"Lauren is super accurate and concise.  She told me things from my past she couldn't have known.   She helped me understand myself.   I felt a power of confirmation of who I am and what is important to me.   She is the real deal. " H.H. Oregon

"Lauren's compassion and ability to sort through the forest of a life, helped me pinpoint what is important to myself and my life right now.  She looks Sabian Symbols and other techniques the average astrologer has missed that I've wondered about for a long time.  E. B. Oregon

"Incredibly thorough , Lauren gave a detailed completely professional reading that fit me perfectly.    I felt more clear and empowered to be who I am."  A.C.  New Mexico



SUBTLE chakra/energy WORK: SKY MEDICINE HORSE: Pleiadian Lightwork.

For more subtle and deeper work,  as my native american name implies I am Lauren Sky Medicine Horse.  I have been certified in full sensory perception as clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient and have worked  successfully in this field  for over 20 years.  This work is the combination of Native American and Pleiadian Light Work:   Price $125 per hour.       Please contact me if you are interested in this Energy work. 

What Clients Have Said About Their Healing Sessions: 

“I am so happy with the results of your work that I cannot find the proper words to express it. If someone had told me ahead of time what it would do for me I would have thought, ‘what a very nice commercial’ but would never believed it possible. Now I know it is true.” L.R. from New York 

“Amazingly gifted...pure beauty! I recommend her to anyone ready to make a positive change in their life. Her techniques are unique and effective. She is a beautiful woman with an enormous heart for healing. She always helps me confirm my spirit. I pray that all the world can be touched by her gifts! .” L.L. from San Jose, CA 

“Your metis medicine work was definitely effective. You see very clearly what needs to be done. It’s very powerful work and always healing.” M. J. from Pleasant Hill, CA

To book a session, please contact