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Tree of Life - Healing through the Spheres

Downtown Ashland House Concert

Lauren Pomerantz will perform live her Tree of Life CD recreating a healing process for participants.   Songs will be played bringing Divine Light into the  Keter (Crown) to our own feet and then to our Earth - healing and invigoration of each sphere of the Tree of Life through the medium of song.    PosterTreeofLife10-27-2019.pdf

By Reservation Only:   contact  to reserve your seat / make payment / and receive exact address of private home.

Lauren Pomerantz is an unusually gifted singer and composer...and her sweetness of voice and deep spirituality have continued to bring me peace, beauty and joy." - Review for Tree of Life” - Maureen McCarthy Draper

— The Nature of Music: Beauty, Sound, and Healing

It is a rare and precious event when someone can capture the wonder, grace, joy, rapture, and presence of the spiritual in music. Lauren's CD Tree of Life does just that.” - Hal Isen
The singing soars in these traditional and original lullabies...simple enough to sing along or dream along with." - Review of Sweetly Sing a Lullaby” - Editorial

— Mothering Magazine

There is a special flavor, midway between East and West, in the songs of the Sephardim, sung with compelling tone and exquisite style by Lauren Pomerantz...extraordinary music..." - Reviews for Early Music (Sephardic Music) ”

— The Washington Post