Mayan Time 12-21-2012

From every direction I'm hearing comments on this month's potential events.  Let me add my two mayan coins.

 ONE) I believe this can be contemplated as our leap in vibrational sound frequency. Don't be scared of it  but  Go with it.  Flow with the river and remember that the feelings and bee hive of thoughts you carry on your day to day journey as you experience this and that are more important right now then ever to how events for you will unfold.   The feeling you decide to cultivate will keep you at a core sounding level that resonates harmoniously, attracting to it a blending matching frequency.

 TWO) So... what if you decide that no matter what happens daily, our job is to stay bouyant, peaceful, grateful, happy, forgiving, and optomistic!? Why not decide that you will carve your events from your connection to Spirit through your HEART and witness with wonder.  May I say that perhaps we could see  that the way the world worked is coming to an end - and that's a good thing.   Stay in your heart. Be Kind and Be Loving.   And I believe the transition will be a celebration.  

 What are your feelings?  Please feel free to share.

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