Ho'oponopono (Return to Balance)

This journal entry is about one of my CDs named Healing through Ho'oponopono, Divine Child Within which is a practice that comes from ancient Hawaiian wisdom teachings. 

The single format MP3 of the Heal with Ho'oponopono song by Lauren may be ordered directly on our site by going to the listen and/or buy page.  Also available in a single Spanish version 'Sana Con Ho'oponopono'. 

The full CD Healing through Ho'oponopono, Divine Child Within is a mind and heart Return-to-Balance Tool lasting 30 minutes.  It includes an instrumental sing along version as well as songs from the Tree of Life to bring self-balance and peace.  This full version can be obtained by emailing lauren@laurensongs.com.

How I learned about Ho'oponopono: When I lived in Maui, I  attended the Ho'oponopono workshops taught by those who were directly trained by Morrnah Simeona. Although Ho'oponopono is from ancient Hawaiian times, it was Morrnah Simeona who began to direct people to use this wisdom again, as well as update it for modern times. Morrnah began an organization that teaches in Hawaii, called Self I-Dentity. It is the combination of working with this Self I-Dentity group on Maui, as well as with contact with Dr. Joe Vitale (Zero Limits) and his work with Dr. Hew Len that I began to practice the use of Ho'oponopono myself.  I wrote this song as a musical assistance for myself and others so this wise Hawaiian knowing may more easily penetrate into our daily life.

Information about the CD: I created this CD to assist people in balancing themselves, which means to go from a state of feeling upset, back to a state of peacefulness or acceptance. As my credo is to go to the ancient wisdom and find the barebones of truth and then create a fresh perspective that is alive for today's soul, so came the birth of this CD. The CD assists in creating peace with (balancing): 1. the self with others (thoughts, emotions or events about others) 2. the self with the male and female aspect, i.e., the doing and non-doing, the yin and the yang. 3. the child within, the Mother aspect, and also the Father aspect. This can also be described as the subconscious, conscious, and supra conscious. The song itself will effortlessly imbed in the mind a healing technique for the listener that will return peace to the soul (balance). Humbly saying, even just to yourself, "I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you" opens the heart, frees the soul and can create peace. The beauty of this process, the miracle of this work, is that we do not need to say these words to anyone else. We do not need to do anything, but work with the power of this technique ourselves. The healing occurs because we do not place blame, we do not need to find fault in another person or situation or ask anyone for anything. Think of an issue that upsets you, or you can briefly write it down. Listen to the Ho'oponopono song.  Notice your feelings as you listen to the song. It's amazing how effortlessly this ancient Hawaiian technique can help us to feel better about what was upsetting. I'd love to know what happens, please email me the results if you chose. Healing/balance can occur when we recognize that our emotions, thoughts or events occurring that very day are not separate from us, but are connected to us. One Spirit runs through ALL That IS. Oneness is more than a saying. It is a fundamental truth and our ally if we let it be so. We need not fix someone else. If something or someone upsets us (disturbs our balance), we fix ourselves by 'cleaning' with Ho'oponopono. Peace begins with ourselves. Miracles unfold from there. Also on the CD are two additional songs originally published in the Tree of Life CD: The Middle Pillar song is an ancient technique which will balance the male and female aspect of oneself and bring the Divine down to Earth. The One with All Creation song will bring peace and unity to the child, mother and father of ONEself. .